Black and White Image With One Full Colour Object Using Photoshop

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A very dramatic effect for images is the process of converting the image to black and white and keeping one prominent object in full colour. This process is very simple using Photoshop but care must be taken otherwise the object can appear cut out and stuck on the black and white back ground. The starting image is on the left and the final image is on the right.

Photoshop - Image Black and White and One Colour black white and color photoshop


The most important stage is the selection of a suitable image or photo. The object to keep in full colour should be centrally positioned and relatively small. Open the image using Photoshop. The higher the number of pixels the better the quality of the image when printed . Re-size the image to the correct dimensions using the “crop” tool, do not reduce the number of pixels.

photoshop crop tool

The crop tool

black white and color photoshop

Do not reduce pixels when cropping

Open the layers tab (if not already opened) by selecting layers from the windows tab bar.

layers window photoshop

The layers window

The layers window

Convert the image from a back ground layer to a editable layer

Photoshop - Image Black and White and One Colour

Use the magic wand tool to select the area of the coloured object.
Use the add to area, or remove from area to carefully highlight all of the object.

magic wand tool


Add or remove selection area

select colour area

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