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Is it Sensible To Have Two Cats?

It is often the desire of owners to acquire a second cat after they fall in love with their first but cats can be challenging and temperamental animals. Cats are forcible independent and will challenge any other who enters their domain. This can result in constant fighting, bulling of the weaker cat or undesired traits such as scenting. This guide will discuss and seek to identify if it is sensible for you to have a second cat.


Cats are adorable, friendly cute and fun especially during their kitten years. New owners are often swayed by the enjoyment of the first cat and often want to own a second one but this is not always the sensible action. The first cat has made your home theirs, they feel safe and secure with their favourite sleeping locations. Importantly they know and understanding your habits and the house routines. A second cat will alter this happy and peaceful balance and must be done with care.


Often mistakenly owners feel a second cat would provide company to the first but they are applying human logic not feline instincts. Cats are solitary animals, they hunt on their own, feed on their own and females raise the families on their own. Rarely do cats need or desired company so justifying a second cat purely for the cat’s perceived company is not the sensible thing or right thing to do. If you wish to get a second cat do understand it is for your pleasure and enjoyment and not the cats.


The introduction of a second cat will always distress the first cat and this is almost irrelevant of the cat’s temperament. The first cat owned, probably without you knowing, the entire house and it was their domain and now they will have to share it. Would you feel happy if an unknown stranger moved into your house, started eating your food, leaving your toilet in mess and sleeping in your bed – probably not. This is how it feels for the cat and worst of all they will lose your attention as you play constantly with the new cute kitten.


Bringing a new cat into a home of a second cat is not easy. It requires time, patience and a lot of shouting from the owners before the two cats will accept each other. The best person to judge if bringing a new cat into a home is sensible is yourself, you know the personality of your cat, you know there habits, you know the suitability of your house. It can be done, our two cats do fight but then will curl next to each other and lick the other clean.

A Second Cat, is it sensible Choice? A Conclusion

Is it sensible to get a second cat, probably not but the apparent advantages often outweigh the unknown difficulties. Having two cats defiantly not twice the fun of having one, more like one and half times better. They will eventually tolerate each other, sleep together and even eat from each other’s bowls but it will take time and effort from the owners. Also let’s be honest if you are reading an article about getting a second cat you are probably very seriously considering it and to all intension will buy that very sweet kitten that you have seen. So instead of considering getting a second cat learn how to introduce the two cats using a sensible and caring method.

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