Excel Chart Connect Missing Data

Microsoft excel does not automatically connect data points in scatter or line charts when there is missing data or empty cells (see excel example below). Excel can manage missing data or bank cells when creating scatter or line charts in three different ways:

  • The blank cell is given a value of zero.
  • A connecting line is draw between the available data points which spans missing cell entries.
  • There is no connecting line between the data points and the point can appear as a single entry.

By default excel performs the third option and does not connect the scatter plot data points. In most case the second option, with the connecting line, is the most useful. This guide will demonstrate how to change a line or scatter chart with missing data lines due to non data or blank cells into a connected line or scatter chart.


The example below shows two batches with sporadic weekly measurements. When the scatter plot (or line plot) is created based on the data there are large gaps in the data lines. This guide will show you how to connect these data points.

Excel Chart Connect Missing Data

Right click over the chart or graph. This brings up the chart options. Click on the “select data” option.

Excel Chart Connect Missing Data

On the Select Data Source window click on the “hidden or empty cells” button located on the bottom left of the window.

Excel Chart Connect Missing Data

Click the “connect data points with a line” radar button. The press OK.

Excel Chart Connect Missing Data

The lines between the data points will be updated and connected. This option now applies to the chart so any additional data or data removed will be automatically updated.

Excel Chart Connect Missing Data


There is no preference option to ensure all data points are connected automatically by excel when a scatter or line chart is created. So this short process of connecting the curved line between data points in excels must be performed every time a line or scatter chart is made.

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