Excel Centigrade and Fahrenheit Chart

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Microsoft Excel does not have a feature that allows a chart based upon a single set of data with multiple scales on the axis, the common use for this is generating a temperature chart with both Centigrade and Fahrenheit temperature scales (as show by the example below). There is a work around method to produce this type of chart with both Centigrade and Fahrenheit scales and this guide will demonstrate how to create the chart in Excel (2003, 2007 and 2010). This method can also be employed to make charts using the Kelvin temperature scale.

Excel Centigrade and Fahrenheit Chart

The process to create the Excel Centigrade and Fahrenheit chart can be summarised into:

  • Constructed a primary chart with the original data (either in Centigrade, Fahrenheit or Kelvin).
  • Add a second set of data to the chart that is well out side of the required temperature range.
  • Spilt the chart to have two axis (primary for main data and secondary for the irrelevant data).
  • Adjust the primary axis to cover primary temperature range
  • Align secondary axis with secondary temperature range, this will also hide the irrelevant data from the second stage.

Tutorial - Excel Centigrade and Fahrenheit Chart

This example will create a temperature chart based on the data below, the chart will have two separate axis scales; the primary axis in Centigrade with the secondary in Fahrenheit. The final chart will resemble the excel chart in the introduction.

The first stage is to construct the primary chart based on the temperature and data for the x axis (in the example above time in minutes). For those able to construct charts please skip to Page 2.

Stage 1 - The Primary Temperature Chart

Excel Centigrade and Fahrenheit Chart

On the insert tab click on the scatter icon and this will insert a blank chart.


Rick click on the blank chart and click on "select data" to bring up the Select Data Source window.

Click the Add button to add a new series to the blank chart.

Excel Centigrade and Fahrenheit Chart

Click on the Series X Values icon (as show above) to select the data for the x (horizontal) axis.


Use the Edit series window to highlight the relevant data, in our example the Time column is highlighted. click on the right button on the box to return to the Edit Series window.

Repeat the process for the y (vertical) data by clicking on the Y Series Values button.


Excel Centigrade and Fahrenheit Chart

In our example the temperature is reported in Centigrade (C) but this could easily be Fahrenheit (F) or Kelvin (K). Once the data is selected click on the right button and then the OK on the Select Data Source Window - This will construct a very bland temperature chart with only the primary temperature scale.

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