Excel Bullet Points

Microsoft Excel 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2015 do not have a feature to automatically included bullet points in a list of items, such as with Microsoft Word. There is a cleaver work around solution by inserting a symbol of a bullet point in front of each item in the list. This guide will demonstrate how to insert Excel bullet points into a cell or list of items.

How to Insert Bullet Points in Excel

1). The first stage is to enter the data into the Excel document. The example below has a title and a list of 4 items which will require bullet points. This can be completed in a matter of seconds.

Excel Bullet Points


2). Highlight the cell which requires the bullet point, then click within the text panel above the spread sheet as indicated below:Bullet Points in Excel



3). Using the Ribbon feature at the top of the window and click on the insert tab.

Excel Bullet Points


4). On the insert Ribbon click on the Symbol icon; this located on the very right of the Insert Ribbon.

Bullet Points in Excel


5). The insert symbol dialogue box is then opened (see image below). Scroll down the box until the Bullet symbol is located. This symbol can be found quicker by clicking on the general punctuation drop box (see red circle). Once the bullet point symbol is located click on the insert button.


Excel Bullet Points


6). This inserts the bullet point in Excel and the text panel and the required cel

lBullet Points in Excel

7). Repeat stages 2 to 6 to insert a Excel bullet point in every cell required. A quicker method is to copy (Ctrl+C) the bullet point symbol and paste (Ctrl+V) into every location required. The completed list is show below and is ready for printing.

Excel Bullet Points


8). A limiting feature of this method is that spaces must be added to indent the bullet points. There is no method in Excel 2007 or Excel 2010 to use the tab key or to manually set cell margins.

Excel Bullet Points Suggestions

Bullet points in excel documents can aid with the formatting of a document and make reading of a printed version of the document much clearer. Microsoft word is a much better option for the presentation of tables as there are many more formatting options. A good idea is to generate the numerical data in Microsoft Excel and then export it to word for the final presentation stage.

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