Excel Bar and Line Chart Tutorial to Create a Weather Chart

Excel has some powerful and professional methods to present data by graphical means. Excel can display two sets of data with two different scales as a line chart and bar chart. A common use for this dual representation is in the construction of a weather chart which represents both the temperature and precipitation. This tutorial demonstrates how to easily prepare a a dual data graph which contains two separate scales and graphical displays and the example is a weather chart containing monthly average rain fall (mm) and average monthly temperature.

The final dual weather chart is show below:

If you are familiar with creating a basic chart with two sets of data click here to progress to the second section - creating dual scale and value type.


The first stage to creat the dual data chart is to have two sets of data which will be the data points and a thrid set which will be the x (horizontal data). For this example of the weather chart the month will be the x data, with the Rain (mm) as the first set of data (line chart) and the temp as the second set of data (bar chart)

Insert a line chart into the excel spread sheet by clicking on the Insert tab then on the Line icon is indicated:Click on the blank insert chart to select the cahart and then right click to bring up the chart options. The first stage is to select the dat to be represented within the line chart. Click Select Data.....

On the select data Source window which pops up click on Add. this allows the user to select the data to be included in the Excel line chart:


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