Excel Weather Bar and Line Chart Tutoria

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By selecting the Add data the Edit Series window appears. the first stage is to select the name of the series, this is done by clicking on the icon to the right of the series name white space.

edit series

Choose the name (series name) for the first set of data, in the example the series 1 name is Rain (mm).


After the series name is selected the series data must be selected. The user is automatically returned to the Edit Series window with the series name completed.

The series values are chosses by seleting the icon next to the second white space box as indicated:

line chart exel

A small Edit Series window is opened which allows the users to highlight the series 1 data. The data can be eoither selected by selecting data from from excel spread sheet or by entering the range in the white space. It is usually easier to select the range in the excel sheet and then make slight ajustments in the text box:


bar chart

The Series name and Series Values have now been choosen for the first set of data now the process must be repeated for the second set of data. On the Select Data Source click on the Add box to add a second set of data.

select data source

Repeat the previous process for selecting the name of the data series, in the weather chart example the series 2 name will be Temp.

excel tutorial

Once the name is selected the main data selection window will reappear. Next choose the series 2 values Click on the icon next to the second text white space box.

weather excel

Select the Values for the second data range. Ensure that the name of the series is not include in the data range as this can cause issues in later stages.

excel tutorial

The final stage of selecting the data is to choose the names or values for the x axis (horisontal axis) if the chart was created now the x axis would display the number 1 to 12 (as there are 12 data points. To specify a name or values for the x axis click on the Edit button on the Horizontal right side of the main data selection window.

excell weather tutorial

Use the Axis Label window to choose the values or labels for the X axis for our example the X axis will be the months of the year.

axis labels

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